How do I Random a Variable List?

Hello !
I’m trying to random the values between the child of a Variable, but keeping the values… Ex:

NumbersVariable (Variable)
NumbersVariable.Child1 : 1
NumbersVariable.Child2 : 2
NumbersVariable.Child3: 3
NumbersVariable.Child4: 4
NumbersVariable.Child: 5

to Random the value of each child (keeping the same values)

NumbersVariable (Variable)
NumbersVariable.Child1 : 3
NumbersVariable.Child2 : 4
NumbersVariable.Child3: 5
NumbersVariable.Child4: 2
NumbersVariable.Child: 1


That is called shuffling, like with cards.
You need to save the values into temporary variables, and then reassign them at random.
Here’s a related example from inheaven@Discord


Thank you so much!! I could have never done this without your help!! I really appreciate it!

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