How do I recreate an existing sprite in the exact position of my character?

I want to create a test-Shooter game to be precise. I want to recreate a laser sprite in the same position of the ship after the previous laser has been shot. Instead, I get the laser recreated in the corner. In the first startup of the program, you can see where the sprite was originally supposed to be. Any help is appreciated. Please try to be as descriptive as possible. There are some things that Im still trying to understand and don’t know much about this program just yet. Thanks.
-----------------------------Program Error----------------------------------------------

Hi, could you post your events for the laser shooting? It makes it probably easier to point you in the right direction without too much guessing.

I’m going to guess :smiley: . It looks like the co-ordinates you specify for the laser are not correct, and is defaulting to 0,0.

You’ll want something like:



if you have defined points for the laser.

Remember that GDevelop is case sensitive. It’s Player.X() (capital ‘X’), not Player.x() (lower case ‘x’)