How do I respawn when out the picture

how do i make it so when your out of the camera you respawn here is the game now As you can see if u get stuck your out of the screen.

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Probably adding a “Destroy if outside of screen” behavior to the player object, then an event with condition of “Number of Objects” with the Player Object.

Another event after that would be If the Count = 0, then “Do thing”. Thing would be whatever you want to do to respawn, whether that be restarting the scene (Using the “Change the Scene” event), or creating another instance of the player at a checkpoint.

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Sorry I’m really confused here is my events


Keep in mind events occur in the order they appear in the event sheet.

So you want your “Change to scene” items to be at the bottom, otherwise your other stuff won’t occur.

Other than that, your fall_block should work?

I made them at the bottom then my fall_block didn’t work and neither did when your out of the picture you change scene @Silver-Streak

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First of all you need to know the exact size of your screen. Let’s say 150*100
You could use a condition whereby once the x position of player is > 150 then you change the position to your desired position. This event would work for the right side of the screen you need to add one of those for every side. So for the
Left -
X position of player is < 0

Y position of player is < 0

Y position of player is > 100
Note all the conditions above must be in a separate event.

Note the values I used are assumed size of the scene. You have to use the size of your own project window (scene)

Or… Instead of using some fixed numbers, you could just use SceneWindowHeight() and SceneWindowWidth()


That should work …

I dont really understand i did this and it was the same

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You are supposed to place that in separate events and not the same event and also your first condition should be “>” 150

Hello Silver, I don’t get in neither. Can you be more explicite ?