How do I review Gdevelop splash screen in Android

Just created the hello world Android app from test project with only a title screen. When I run the app on my phone, it very briefly flashes the Gdevelop splash screen.

How do I show a custom splash screen?

UPDATE: I see there’s an option for paid subscribers to remove the splash screen… The problem I have w/ the current screen is that it flashes for less than 1 second—it looks glitchy. How can I make it properly show for 1–2 seconds?

You can create a custom splash screen by modifying the following files:

  • gd-splash-image.js
  • pixi-renderers/loadingscreen-pixi-renderer.js

You have to know a bit about design/javascript/math to get it to look the way you want.

If the game is so small that it takes just a second to load and you don’t want to show anything for fear it looks like a glitch, you could just set the splash screen to be blank/black.


You can edit your project.json and set the value showGDSplashscreen (or something like that) from true to false (it’s one of the first values) to disable the GDevelop logo.