How do I save a deleted sprite from the scene?

I have been trying some things but it doesn’t work
Why save the score but when I restart the scene the coins are back then they are doubled

Can you describe what you are doing? The title of this thread is about saving a deleted sprite, but your post is about saving the score and then the coins are doubled when you restart. That’s 3 different things .

What is the issue, and what are you expecting? Also, provide a screen snip of the events relating to your issue. It helps us to see what the cause could be.

sorry I just want to save the deleted images thanks

You can’t save the image/sprite. You can save the information about it (position, size/scale, tint, rotation etc), but not the image itself.

What’s your aim with saving a sprite? Maybe we can suggest a solution.

I want the object not to be generated again because I have a score and it is already being saved and if I exit and enter the object again, I can increase the score

Do you have a solution so that the object is not present when the player is in collision with the object, it is eliminated and when it closes and opens, the object that was in collision with the player is not present and is eliminated

Is the object placed in the scene in the editor? Or randomly via events?

If in the editor, then I’d suggest looking at giving each collectable object an Id. When collision between player and object occurs, append the id to an array and save the array to storage. Then when you start the scene, retrieve the ids that have been stored and check if the object’s id is in the array of saved ids.

Search for GDevelop game save and storage for info on saving and retrieving game data…