How do I save the position of multiple draggable objects?

I am very new to GDevelop, so excuse me for my lack of knowledge.
I have a card game where the cards can be dragged around by the user and I need a method to save the position of every ‘card’ (or object) in the game so they can open the app again later and keep playing.

I saw a similar request about saving draggable objects, but I could not make sense of it.

Can someone help me, please?


First assign 2 variables to the card call this PosX, PosY so when you create the card in game set PosX = card.X(), PosY = card.Y() then check
if card isdragged (invert) (this means is not been dragged)
Condition → card.X() not equal to card.Variable(PosX)
Condition → card.Y() not equal to card.Variable(PosY)
Action —> Set card position.X to card.Variable(PosX)
Action —> Set card position.Y to card.Variable(PosY)
If I have some time I will prepare some example for you.

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Do I have to manually go into every object and assign a variable? Because I have 2,500+ cards and that would be a pain to go through at this stage

Is this right?

I’m recording a tutorial for you is going to be live in minutes.


Here take the example its easy to understand, if not wait a few minutes for the tutorial.
Draggable Cards Example

Sorry my microphone is broken and my voice is so far away.


Is it possible to assign an ID to each card? As mentioned before, it would be quite a process to give every card an ID

The same way you assign PosX or PosY you can add a counter and increment its value in the foreach at the begin of the scene

Logic is this
At the begin create a variable type number called CardsCounter = 0
In the events Foreach inside at the begin Assign Set Card.ID = CardsCounter and just below this set CardsCounter += 1

So every card is going to have an id.