How do I share my prototype with you without actually publishing it?

hello guys I’m really happy to say that I have a small prototype that I want to share with the community
so you can try it out and maybe give me some criticism (you can be harsh with me, it’s ok).

I was wondering, is there anyway to share this project without actually publishing it?
It is a little rough on the edges and I don’t really want to bother game publishers with just a small demo.

So these are the mechanics:
-Stars of different colors rain continuously
-You need to match the color of the side of your player with the right color of the star to pick it up
-Stars picked up with wrong matching colors give you negative points
-Stars picked up with the right matching color will give you positive points
-Stars that fall on the blue line give you negative points
-You can rotate your “character” with “Space” and the colors will rotate too!
-You can pick up stars facing them directly or from the side
-At some points when your score is high enough, the star rain gets faster, thus making it more difficult
-You die if your points are below 0

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You could use a free hosting provide (e.g., export the project from GDevelop and then upload the files to the server. Share the link to your game with the ones you want.

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Ok thanks I’ll look into that

I actually recommend using GDevelops own publishing platforms. You can publish a build and share the link without making it public to the community.

You can click the publish button at the top of the GDevelop IDE in your project and this should pop up;

Then, you can share the link without it being public and anyone with the link can play the prototype:


thank you so much this seems like the better alternative