[How do I.] Simulate a Space press key in android

Good morning, I’m creating a game in which I press the" space key" and an animation is performed. this game initially made for desktop. I want it for android too. now the question:

How do I simulate the space key pressed on android by sliding my finger on the screen??


Morning. I don’t know how you’ve got your events set up, so I can just give tips that might be helpful but might not be helpful.

So instead of trying to simulate the space key pressed, just set up a condition that space key is pressed OR Swipe moved in direction “Up” = animation perfomed. Because really you don’t care about the space key being simulated or not. The space key is just some arbitrary condition you gave your project to do a certain thing. You don’t need to use it as in intermediary step to do a certain thing forever. You can just directly command that the certain thing is performed in another situation too. You are God here.

Install Swipe Gesture extension to get the swipe condition in your project.