How do I take in text input from mobile?[SOLVED]

I saw a few other posts but they were from a very old version of gdevelop and I couldn’t find some commands mentioned in that for example the “open mobile keyboard and save in (TextInputName)”:
Can anyone tell me how to write this command and where to find it, or give an alternative solution to using the text input in mobile.

That was an extension (not natively part of the engine) that stopped working due to changes in iOS and Android API. It was no longer maintained by the author and therefore removed from the engine’s extension list since it no longer functioned.

You might check out the new text input object, which is either in the current release, or coming very soon. My understanding is that while it is not as flexible as the standard one (you can’t change it’s Z order, it will always be on top), it uses OS native controls so it should pop up the mobile keyboard by default.

Thank you I will try that