How do i to find "Non-objects and other actions" in add action

Hi all.

I start the tutorial but I get stuck at paragraph 5. Adding and moving shapes

version of GDevelop:4.0.99-0-release

I can’t find anywhere “Non-objects and other actions” to select “Create an object from its name”

Here is all what I find in “others actions”:

Thanks for help


First of all, im new to gdevelop too.

Have you tried choosing “events” tab → add action → and searching for “create” keyword in search bar?

You should have something like this:

Instead of “Non-objects and other actions” category, the ‘Create an object from its name’ is under “actions” category.

I haven’t used this action before, but it looks to me like it’s the same action as in the tutorial. I bet this action got moved to another category after some update, but the screenshots from the tutorial are still from the old version before the category change.

Try doing it like I told you here and see if it’s working.

Btw. it looks like the documentation for gdevelop can have some ambiguities here and there so use it with a grain of salt.