How do I 'understand weapons and how theyre thrown'?

I followed some tutorials and have got a player who can pick up and throw weapons (although I still want to learn more about different ways to fling it, as people probably know from another forum post :))

However, Ive found that the players hold and fling the weapon unpredictably. When he picks up the weapon (he is a square at the moment), the weapon sits on top of one of his corners. And when he throws the weapon, it shoots sometime far, sometime not far, sometimes up, sometimes straight.

In one of the tutorials, they used the Gdevelop alienguy sprite, and he picked up the weapon INTO HIS HAND, and when he threw it, the arm moved and the weapon flew predictably.

Obviously there is something I dont understand about HOW TO do weapons. Did the alienguy sprite throw like that because the sprite itself was set up for weapons? Is there a way to position the weapon when the player picks it up, and throw it in a more regular way?

Either you make sprites of your characters with and without guns, either you use the “Points” in the character (object) properties. Define a gun point where you want it, and then position the gun on that point.
You should link the tutorial to avoid confusion.

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You’re right. Here is the tutorial (its a good one): GDevelop Tutorial/Example - How To Pick Up, Drop And Throw a Weapon - YouTube

OK, so maybe what I need to look at is the object properties so I can place things in a certain spot on an object then?

Yes. In the video, he creates the Weapon point at 01:30.

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Oh, I see. You’re right. I didn’t notice that before.