How do I use a project on a different PC?

Hi everyone, I need to use the project I made on another PC, how do I get the files from the project in the first PC to the second one? (I’m not talking about the scripts, I need all the sprites, audios etc)
Thanks a lot

Copy the files on a USB drive maybe?

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Done, what do I have to do than?

plug the usb into the other pc and put the files somewhere. the directory doesnt matter.
open gdevelop, and open the json.


I did that, it opens the json but it doesn’t find the sprites

if your sprites are in the same location inside the project folder, then it should work.
just copy your entire project folder onto the stick, paste it onto your 2nd pc and done.

Check if all the assets are in the project folder. It won’t work if it the asset is not in the project folder. You can find the assets that are outside of the project folder from the resources menu in the start menu

You should consider learning to use source control like GitHub if you want to develop on multiple machines. If you do this you should also enable the “use separate files” option in the project settings, and always click “yes” when adding new objects to your scene when it asks “This file is not in the project folder, do you want to copy it”.

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