How do I use multiple Camera's for each player connected for peer 2 peer

So im making a fighting game for a relatives birthday (each fighting character is someone we know) that is a close resemble of super smash bros and games alike. I plan to have quite a few people playing at once (2-8) and decided to have everyplayer connect to the game via playing the game on there phone. Since most phone screens are tiny I was curious if it was possible to have each player have there own camera fixed onto there character, instead of one zoomed out camera.

  1. Is it possible to make my main screen (Computer screen) the camera that shows the arena, that way viewers are able to watch and have a rough idea of whats going on.

You wouldn’t need to. As each player has their own game running, just focus the camera of their game on their character.

… but yes, that’s totally doable.
Just have the concept of a “spectator” player or host and log into the fight as that role, and in the game logic that role just gets a zoomed out view that you can broadcast on your big screen TV or whatever.