How do I use the Advanced P2P Event Handling Extension?

1-¿What changes with this extension?
2-¿Where do I put the other events that happen before the event is Dismissed?
3-¿Do I have to add a “While event” for every p2p event?
4-¿Is it important to keep data loss mode off?

5-¿Is it really just like this?

This extension allows to handle more than 1 instance of each event type per frame. Data loss mode dismisses the oldest event if it it received twice within a single frame, so it wouldn’t work with this. Without a while loop, this would have no effect as the while is what allows to execute the event handling code multiple times within a single frame. Yes, that is about right.

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I was hoping for the man himself to answer, thanks for making this, and also thanks for your answer.

I just took the picture without testing, now after testing, I notice that it don´t work.