How do i...?

Hello again, i want to ask these questions and if someone knows it, i hope it’s going to be solved.

  1. In the recent version of GD,my text is so blurry. When i saw the text editor at its documentation, there is this checkbox called ‘smooth text’, but when i find it at the exact thing, it’s gone… How do you unsmooth the text? (pixel perfect)

  2. Hmm… How to you make the text type itself and…

  3. the text can scroll down and/or does it by itself???


  1. Look attachment, I think that do the trick
  2. Don’t know
  3. Add force to text object (angle 90) and it move down or add +1 to Y position of object when you press down or timer is over 0.1 seconds or something like that. If you meant that…

I hope that help you even little bit. Sorry I can’t be more helpful… :smiley: