How do you make bold and italic in BBCode text at the same time?

Tried [i][b]lorem[/b][/i] and it becomes italic only, then [b][i]lorem[/i][/b] and it becomes bold only

checked pixijs implementation but it can achieve both bold and italic at the same time PixiJS Examples

Strange, doesn’t work for me either. I can combine others, such as shadow and italic, but not bold and italic. Sorry that isn’t helpful apart from “It’s not just you” value.

Edit: From GDevelop wiki:

If you are using the BBcode extension, and for example underlined text style does not work or some combination of styles does not work, the problem more than likely lies with the pixi-multistyle-text library that it is using. It is also worth noting that pixi currently does not support text underlining style in general. So while you can see it in Yarn editor, it will not work in your game.

To report pixi-multistyle-text bugs, please use the tracker below: GitHub - tleunen/pixi-multistyle-text: Multi-Style Text for pixi.js