How do you make layers?

I wanted to create a layer to make a HUD / GUI for scores etc., similar to what you can do with GDevelop.

I cant spot that as an option.

If it’s not an option, what would you recommend as an alternative to display things like score and health variables?

Click on “Layers” in the “Scene” ribbon, a window will pop up with a list of layers. You can add one then.

This is all I see.

You mentioned the ‘scene ribbon’. Were you thinking of GDevelop rather than GDevApp victor?

At the moment GDevApp has no layer editor but the functionality is there as it based on GDevelop core engine. What you can do, you can create a project in GDevelop, add as many layers as you need, save it in JSON and import it in to GDevApp. But I have just done it for you, I have shared a project with 3 layers. I think it also useful in case you are using a Mac or Android, iOS device, sou you have no access to GDevelop. Just search “layers” in public games and make a “Copy”, though it require to start your project from scratch. In the project you can put objects on different layers using events, it not as practical as GDevelop but works.

But if you have access to GDevelop, you can also download your project from GDevApp, import it in to GDevelop, add the layers, edit the project, save it and upload it back to GDevApp so you don’t need to start it from scratch.

That’s awesome!

I’ll give it a try. :smiley:

(edit: just tried it. That’s fantastic. Thanks!)