How do you promote Game Jam entries

I am part of the Gdevelop Big Jam 5. My entry has a few ratings. How do I make my submission more know to people.

By commenting, reviewing other games, they will see your comment and hopefully they click on your game.
It was my way to promote my game on last jam: by showing up to others first.

I did that but most of them only respond. I am currently the one of those that have rated lots of game (Most karma)

Ohh, then other than that I think you can post it here on the community topic we’re willing to play and rate yours(if I can I haven’t joined that jam)

Last solution: Update the game main icon or images sometimes people skip your game because the image is not noticeable / not catching, I once did that and it worked more ppl came to vote.

btw, good luck on your game I hope you’ll get good reviews.

Thanks. I think I already posted it here and I will try updating the cover art

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