How does Camera tween work?

Hi, im a new Gdevelop user. Im currently watching the 1 year old official Gdevelop series about how to make a game, but there is one I need help with.

How do I create a command that tweens the camera between two points, what is “CameraCenterY()” and how do I create one?

You don’t
Camera center is is well center of what you see HORIZONTALLY on your screen
I mean its that point
Like Center of your face is your nose
You do not create your nose
If i say center of your face you know where that position is
And same logic goes here
So that is just expression to address horizontal center of your viewport
Where vertical would be CameraCenterY

Imagine you have resolution of idk 800 x 300
Where 800 is width
And 300 is heigth

So camera center X would be at 400
And camera center Y would be at 150
BUT if you move your camera then you would need to account for that cause your resolution is still the same yet position of camera is not
And to avoid making calculations you simply use CameraCenterX which will return value of horizontal center of what you see right now

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Lol you are right, im bad at explaining stuff. Anyways, I managed to fix it, but thanks for the minutes you wasted writing to an imbassile

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