How exactly do u use these 'objects' things

how exactly do u use these ‘objects’ things

does anyone here know how to use these ‘objects’ things

are there any good videos that show you exactly how with the steps ?

so i can follow those steps

waas trying to make a typing game but i gave up cos its too hrd ='(

how exactly do we use a ‘text object’ and make it be able to type like a regular editor/doc

Objects are a general term used for the basic and fundamental items that are used by GDevelop (Sprites and variations, Drawing, Text, Particle and Light):

To explore how these objects can be used, try these GDevelop example projects.

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I’ve read through a few of the posts you’ve made over the past week. Unfortunately it seems like you’re missing some of the basics of the engine. I know you’ve asked for videos, and while there are many videos going over all of the basics in the engine itself, at this point it sounds like you need to read through the engine documentation in the wiki.

I would recommend starting here: Basic game making concepts: What you need to know to start with GDevelop [GDevelop wiki]

Then proceed to read each entry in each section on the left, without skipping any pages within each section. This will teach you about objects, variables, the scene editor, and all of the parts of the engine.

Alternatively, you can start here with this youtube playlist: Beginner's Guide To GDevelop - The No Code Open Source Game Engine - YouTube

This is supplementary and goes only through the basics however, and you will still likely need to read through the wiki after going through the playlist. After learning the engine, you will need to come up with the game logic you want by putting those pieces together.

Once you have a better understanding, it’ll also be easier for you to look through the examples in the engine and understand how they’re built, to better use them as additional learning tools.

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There is also a step by step tutorial on the homepage of the webapp to run over the basics of the engine.