How I'd go about making this effect?

I’m designing a retro game in the style of Jazz Jackrabbit and old Sonic games (still can’t make it because no tilemap extension, if someone would build git version of GD, I’d appreciate. I’ve given up on that) and I’d like to have such bridge in some places. It warps as you go around and then goes back to being horizontal as you get of it:

I achieved it with a second “cover image” (i.e. the waterfall):
The background has Z=0, the player Z=1, and the second background (pixelated) Z=2.

-The pixelate function is not the same, but it is because the method I used in the Python-fu script, it could be easily modified to have the same pixel-grid style :slight_smile:

No, I’m talking about the bridge, that thing you showed I know how to do (thanks though). I know pretty much how to replicate every genesis-era platformer feature, only that bridge thing escapes me.

My bad, I don’t know why I assumed that you referred to the pixel effect with the word “Effect” (even I didn’t see or pay attention at the message between images) :blush:

Ok, I can think in some kind of chained joints for the physics automatism, or some displacement of platform in function of a virtual bridge-stopper (so you move the platforms until they collide with the virtual bridge tester) for the platform automatism… Maybe it’s quite hard, but surely it’s interesting, I’ll take a look and check if I can achieve it :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ok this isn’t my day, I don’t know how I created two messages…

Physics joints: Won’t work. Already tried and bridge ended up all floppy.
Moving platform: May work, but as you saw in the gif I posted, it also effect rest of the bridge, not only part you are standing on. Also character may have trouble walking up with platform automatism.

Maybe you could use a two hidden platform that are inclined (so that the character is a bit under its initial position when he is at the middle of the bridge) and just animate the blocks of the bridges (Don’t know precisely how, but if the character is near to it, the block should position should go down a bit, according to the distance between the character X position and the block X position).

Yeah, that could work, problem is I don’t know how to animate thos so it would look right. And it is not that any of platformers that have such effect have sources available.

I’m still working on documenting it and adapting it to multiple bridges per levels

In the meantime, could you publish your wip gd file? I’m sure I can figure it out on my own how to adapt for multiple bridges.

This could be perfectly adapted for a new example :smiley: