How is the sound handled in the engine?

Why would you ever want pixelperfect collision anyway? It takes too much resources because geometry is so complex, and gives no benefit over just complex hitbox. Can’t you just add the button for creating pixelperfect hitbox in editor? Or maybe even with quality setting so only every n-th pixel is counted for creating it.

Because GDevelop provides this feature (it’s a condition in the “Sprites > Collision” category). We don’t want to remove features that would break existing games. The image in RAM is also used for other things like texture drawing in the drawing extension.

I could maybe suggest checking through the events for objects that need to be tested for pixelperfect collision, and then making complex collision boxes for them instead, or maybe just 1 bit textures depending on which takes less memory, because that’s all you need for collision, it’s binary.

But yeah, that’s one of those, not so thought through ideas that you have to keep with the project since someone may have used it.