How long it takes for google to update a game?

I have been waiting for 2 weeks now for google to review a simple update of my game. I don’t get why it takes so long. What are they doing when a game is much bigger? Have it in review for months?? What is your experience with this?

In my experience the first upload took 5 days and the updates almost instantly, check you fill everything for the update, if you miss some of the fields that can take forever, because noone in Google will contacct you.

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This is hilarious. Google just responded. after 2 weeks. (It feels like they wanted me to make a post here lol)
And my app got rejected because of the ads. Honestly not sure what I did wrong… I display the ads the same way that I did on my first version of the game. Recent google ad policies are a pain to deal with :confused:

Check here to config the funding choices into your admob

Google may reject your game if the game do not show a valid GDPR, before display any Ad.