How my Variable and update

I have a Variable that I just can not get to update on screen,
I have it set up in what I thought would work, but each time i try to get it to work it just dose not want to do anything,

At beginnings of scene Create object text Var, change txt of Var to GlobalVariableString(s_time)

set s_time to 25

then when Redship is in collision with Hitbox Change s_time subtract 1

but on the game screen it just stays as 25 each time.

You are only setting the text of the text object “Var” once, at the beginning of the screen.

All of your other events only deal with the rest of the objects (or the main variable again). They never have the text update again. It will never update again after the start of the scene due to this.

You need to have a wholly separate event, with no conditions, that just has “Change the text of var: set to GlobalVariableString(s_time)”

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Thank you,

Reading that out loud made all the sense in the world.