How to add force with Physics Engine

Hello everyone !

First of all, I’ve read the docs and tutos about that, but I cant mange to make it work as I would.

My goal is move an object along a conveyor belt.

I dont need phycis between the belt and the box. The belt is just acting as a floor, even if its animated and seems to rotate. I deal with the move of the box with conditions.

I am trying to apply a force to the box, so its slide from left to right on the conveyor belt, but got an issue with the applying point.

No matter how I set it up, the force is added on the lower corner of the box and so, its makes it rotate :

How can I have a simple slide move ?

Thanks a lot !

Straight from the action description:

So click on the blue button on the side of the field, and write ‘mass’ in the search.

Thank you very much. I have read this mass center part, but I was typing it directly onto the field and note after pushing the blue button.

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