How to add light (light effect) in gdevelop 5 ?

How ? i looked everywhere and it’s not there

Lights are not supported in GDevelop5 at the moment.
You can add light objects in GD4 native only. I believe you need to enable the extension and then you can create a light object.

alright i have gdevelop 4 . How to enable the extension ?

Docs: … extensions

Found it thank you but light is under native games … i’m making an html5 (android) game . can i somehow use it or is it compatible with just native games ?

Yes, the light extension in GD4 is native only and even in GD4 you can have only a single dynamic light in the scene.

In case you need a single light source only, like a flash light for example maybe you can fake it in GD5/HML5 using a transparent full screen image.
Alternatively, you can consider to design all your sprites with fake lights. You could use something like SpriteIlluminator to create illuminated sprites
Note that normal maps are NOT supported in GD5 but you can export the actual images from SI as they are “illuminated”.
It is lot of trouble to illuminate all your sprites this way, but I have no better idea for GD5/HTML5.

Good luck.

This is so cool very nice . i will check it out . thank you