How to add multiple backgrounds

Hi everyone, I’m new to this community and I joined you to ask how do I add multiple backgrounds on the scene.
I’m making a platform game and my purpose is to change backgrounds as the player walks further and further.
I added the first background scene, I set it as background, locked it onto the scene and I regulated its Z. It works properly and the background follows the character moves. Then I tried to add the second background scene, but it doesn’t follow the character moves. So I tried to put the 2nd scene background on the background layer, but when I play the game, it disappears. What am I doing wrong?
Thank you all for the help

Maybe it’s hidden by the first one?
Open the debugger to confirm that the second background object exists, its position, etc.

Hi sir, thank you for your answer.
It’s not hidden. It just gets stuck on the background instead of following he player moves. I can’t see it, but only if I put it on the base layer instead of the background one

Change the z order in the editor? Or is it not appearing even if you change the z order?

If it’s not moving, show us the events supposed to move it.

It still doesn’t appear even if I edit the z position :frowning:

I think I’m making a mistake in the behaviour step. The background should follow the camera, but if I set it as 0 value, it covers the first background. If I put its value at any other number, it just disappears

You lost me. What behavior and what value do you mean?

Can you screen shot your events? That way we can see what you’re doing and provide better and accurate help.

Sorry, I’m so bad at this :’(
It’s the first time I do this. I’ll send you screenshots

I’ll do it rn, thanks for your availability :pray:t2: