How to... Align text?

Hey all,

How do i align text objects? For example i have a score that i placed in the middle of an object. But if i score higher then 10. The text isn’t in the middle anymore. So how can i fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Use the object width to modify its position.


To add clarity here in case anyone sees this thread later: The “Align Text” events are around aligning text within the text object. If you only have 1 line, you won’t really see an effect.

Gruk’s solution will align the text within the game window itself, which is what most people are wanting


Thank You Gruk, that was very usefull.

Use this:

You can only see it in preview mode.

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Please do not bump multiple year old threads that already have answers.

Also, your post is incorrect. As mentioned above the align text action is only for text objects with multiple lines. It aligns text within the same text object.

It will not align text objects with only one line, nor does it move text objects on the screen, so it cannot align multiple text objecta to one another.

Thank you.

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