How to change a Platformer Background?

So I’m using the Platformer example
(open program → getting started → Create a new project → Platformer)
and swapping out my own pictures for the preset ones (LOVE that option <3) to make my game. (Also know how to add in new sprites, so no biggie there.)

However, I want a starry night sky (or even a single color aside from daylight blue) instead of the solid blue background sky. How can I make this change?

I believe you will have to use your own images.
Its not too hard, just have an event doing something like this:

Repeat 10*Random(2)+1: At start of scene, Create object Stars at position Random(800); Random(600)
You can find the repeat event at the add button.
I hope this helped. :slight_smile:

Foreverip, thanks for taking the time to answer this for me! Totally appreciated.

The thing is, my learning curve here is pretty darned steep.
I can see where the little ‘add event’ section is, and I know this is gonna sound stupid to ask, but could you please take a screenshot of just where this is suppose to be at and what it looks like?
I can add a new little line for an event, but I can’t copy paste your text there, and really don’t have a clue about the coding and how / where to put it in and how exactally it’s suppose to look. :confused:

I can’t really see your image.
The repeat event is up at the add button beside the add comment button. There will be another window. Click repeat. It will add a repeat event. Make it repeat itself 10*Random(2)+1 times (so the amount of stars are random. also I believe that random goes from 0-2, so I did +1 to make multiplying by 0 impossible)
now the event will be added.
edit the condition, go to the scene section and select at start of scene
then edit the action and go to all objects - objects - create an object
do for the object to create is star
for X position write Random(800)
for Y position write Random(600)