How to change animation of the character after collision of weapon item?

i need help guys for my thesis:cry:

There is a couple problems.

  1. In the sub-event you check if the distance of the player from holywater is NOT below 1 pixel and in the parent event you check if player is in collision with holywater. Both can not be true so that’s why the animation don’t change.
    if the distance between player and holywater is NOT below 1 pixel then they are not colliding so the event will not execute and if player is in collision then the distance is below 1 pixel so it won’t change the animation.
    The solution is to move the sub-event to the same level as the parent event.

  2. But then. in the parent event you set the position of holywater to be around the player from 1 pixel distance. So that means, the distance may not be higher than 1 pixel and the event to change animation if distance is NOT below 1 pixel still not going to execute. The solution is to put holywater around the player from 2 pixels distance or more.

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Like this? I tried but it did not work.
By the way thank you for your response :smile:

ddabrahim, I hope you can help me :smile:

This time you did not reversed the condition and you are checking if the distance between holywater and player is below 1 pixel but you position it 2 pixel from the player. So the condition never be true.

You also added the condition if the player is moving then Do = 12 to animation which is going to conflict with the movement event of the player if you play a walking animation when moving for example. In one event you tell to play walking animation, and here you say it to Do = 12. Just in case it would still not work you might want to look in to this too.

If you having trouble see through how the logic flow in the events, you can use a mind mapping tool to help you visualize.

this is the first time i use Gdevelop

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