How to change between External Layouts

I have been thinking the last replies on my previous post and I searched for info about External Layouts… but… I came up with something.

I managed to add it to the scene and the events work, but… I need to change from one room to another and here is where the problem appears, because:

I am in the first room/first E. layout.
I want to go to the second room/second E. layout.
I manage to add the second layout, but… I can´t erase the first one, so the objects are overlapping. Is there away to delete the first one it or hide it?

As far as I understood - and that might be completely wrong - you have to delete the objects (the layout itself cannot be deleted). To make that less annoying you can put the objects in a group.

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I don’t quite understand the order of your project, but I’m going to show you how I do it.
We use a scene as the main game and then with external layouts we add other functionalities but all the logic of the game goes only in one scene.
When you need to add or create a new level just duplicate the scene and rename it ti Level_0, Level_1, or in your case as i can think must be Room_1, Room_2 and so on.

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