How to change inital zoom of the editor

When you first add a scene, the editor shows it at a certain zoom level. You can scroll your mouse to zoom further in or out. I have a game that’s quite large, so when I open it, I can only see about a quarter of the scene and I have to scroll out to see the full width/height. I’m wondering if there’s a way I can change the initial zoom of the editor to be further out so I don’t have to scroll out constantly? Similar to … -450513684 I’m thinking there should be a way to do this by editing the game.json file, but I’m not sure what the syntax is (e.g. under ‘layouts’, what is ‘“b”: 209,’?)

“b” is the background blue color. Before you ask, the other components are “r” for red and “v” for green (because it’s in French :wink: ).

For your problem, check if “zoomFactor” inside “uiSettings” works :slight_smile:

Thanks, zoomFactor is indeed what I was looking for. Next question: is there a way to specify how the screen is centered? I currently have to drag the full scene into view (again, only seeing the top-left quarter by default).

Interesting that ‘v’ is used for green under ‘layouts’, but ‘g’ (as in ‘gridG’) under uiSettings… :slight_smile:

Seems there is no option for initial position :frowning:

As for the “gridG”, surely the grid color setting was added after GD internationalization, back in the 2010 :imp:

Indeed. Feature request here: