How to change two animations with each other by clicking on the same sprite

Hi guys
how to change 2 animations with each other by clicking on the same sprite
I want to implement a card flip from front to back and back by clicking on the card.
A card is a sprite object with two animations, front and back.

Since I did not find an IF statement, my attempts to do something similar were unsuccessful. I tried it with the variables and also as in the screenshot. But both events are triggered at the same time, so you don’t even notice that the animation has been changed

thank you

additional questions

  1. are there any examples of hand cards fan implementation?

  2. In my game there are about 300 cards, what is the best way to create a card object so that it is quite easy to import them all, it seems to me through animations this is not quite the right way

To prevent those two events from both triggering, use a variable to record whether or not the first event was actioned:

  • add an event before to set a scene variable, say called hasBeenProcessed to false
  • in the first event of your screen shot, add an action to set hasBeenProcessed to true
  • in the second event of your screenshot, add the condition the checks if hasBeenProcessed is false

thank you guys, its works