How to check collision between cloned objects?

I’m cloning objects in my game and I would like to check collision between the clones, but I have no idea how to do it. If I check simply
Object is in collision with Object, it doesn’t work because GD thinks that Object is already and always colliding with itself. If I use a collider, and link collider with the owner object, and check collision between the collider and a not linked object, that doesn’t work either because every cloned Object has it own cloned collider which is linked to the object so every object is linked. :cry:

Anybody could help me with this?
Would be glad for any help :slight_smile:

You can have an IDcounter variable for the scene and for the object types you are cloning. You can then set each clone variable ID = variable(IDcounter) and then increment variable(IDcounter). In this way, each clone will have a unique identifying variable and you can use this to check it is colliding with another clone and not itself.

Thanks Mats, I’ll try it :slight_smile: