How to check day of week/month and to check(...)

How to check day of week/month and to check if there were other days in current month?

How to check that? I want to implement easter egg in my game that will happen in one of Polish holidays that don’t have fixed date, instead it happens in third Friday of March every year.

Really I don’t know… we’ll have to wait for 4ian, sototo or victor

Time(whatyouwant) can be used to get some information, by replacing whatyouwant by :

hour, sec, mday ( The day of month ), mon ( Months since january ) , year ( Number of years since 1990 ), wday ( Number of days elpased since sunday )

So you can try to test Time(wday) and Time(mday) to ensure that we’re at the day you want ( Time(wday) = 2 for tuesday for example ) and that Time(mday) is low ( maybe inferior to 8/9 or something like this, but I don’t really thought about the problem ).