How to climb up from grabbed ledges?

Hi all,

I am wondering how can you make a character climb up the ledge that they are holding, I’ve only seen one similar question and even that was not properly answered.
Can anyone provide detailed step-by-step instructions or an example event graph?

Thank you for the help!

Hi. I am also facing this problem and can’t find a solution for it. If you have found a solution, please share how you did it.

I had an idea and was able to do something like this but it doesn’t solve the problem.

I think the answer lies in moving the object along the coordinate axis.


  • when Player grabs the edge of the platform,
  • when the Up button is pressed.
  • Change the animation of the object
  • Change object position X+50, Y+50

However, in this case he can only climb the platform on the left side.

Here you need to write a condition, if the character looks to the right then X+50, Y+50, if to the left then X-50, Y+50, but how to do it I do not know. The second day tortured reading and can not do.

Also I do not work animation for some reason, as I have not tried animation when the player climbs on the platform does not work.