How to create a barrel Effect like Donkey Kong Country?

I am new using GDevelop

So, donkey Kong has a cool mechanics in the game, and one of I am trying to recreate to my game the barrel Effect.

The Ideia is simple but how to create is another thing.

When I jump in the barrel I can send the hero to another barril and so on.
We can move using the barrels.

Like the image bellow:

If someone Could help me to recreate this logic using the Gdeve I will become very happy.

Thanks !

It has been a long time since I played this gem. :slight_smile:

In what part exactly do you need help?
If it is the catapulting have a look at the “apply impulse” action in the physics behaviour.
I’d strongly recommend you to use a state machine for separating the different controls of the player (like walking and sitting in the barrel).

Thanks so much to reply my topic.
I’m very happy for your help.