How to create a subevent

I have been following the tutorial in GDevelop wiki.
I have started with the Platformer. Have created events for the Player(I have named it Pilpo). However, I am unable to create subevent under ‘is on floor’ event. I click on the third icon on the toolbar but nothing happens.
Here is a screenshot where I am unable to move forward.
What am I doing wrong?

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You need to select the whole event block not just one condition.
Click anywhere on the event block excepting the buttons to select the whole event block.
there will be a border around

What RIR360 said and you can also create a new regular event, select the blue border on the side, and drag it a little to the right if you want to nest events. Be careful with this if you have a lot of events in the future though as it can be a bit finicky about placement.

@Phenomena Shouldn’t there be a very basic video tutorial of Gdevelop? so, the newbies can learn from the video.

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@RIR360 There are basic tutorial videos, although I don’t know exactly what they cover or if they’ll answer this specific question.Search YouTube for GDevelop 5 tutorials or check the wiki.

It shouldn’t be an issue to add more information to a forum discussion anyway, whether it contains a video or not, as long as it’s not just repeating what someone else said before…so newbies can learn by reading as well if that’s their style. Not everyone likes only watching videos.


Yeah, you’re right…

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