How to create a Super Smash Bros like game?

I want to know how to recreate a SSB like game in Gdevelop 5 with Computer players.
I dont know how to create a CP that works like in SSB and a character selection (I know there is a example of it arleady but not like in SSB) and stage selection.

Hi! Can you try to be more accurate? You want player vs. ai or player vs. player in remote?

Hello. I meant Player vs AI simillar to SSB AI

Let’s start creating a character and at every type of buttons create a specific animation and movement.
The complicate became create the specific action for the ai…the problem will be making something not repetitive or maybe yes but the “player” never spot because time between every repetition (and type) is random.

(sorry for late response) To be shure only thing that I cant do is the AI, rest like character selection and stage selection are pretty easy. So could you please show me a example of at least a basic AI that just walks? Or if you can a pretty much advanced AI that can fight back or just fight.

I’m sorry but I have hardly the time to finish my second game… And first five will be bad so have to work hard. Hahahahaha!
Anyway make tentative and combine maybe distance or relative position as condition and as event maybe an animation +movement.