How to create object using animation data

How do I create an object2 at object1’s location depending on object1’s animation number?

Thats good but not what I meant. I need something more like

Left mouse clicked

Create a new object on a Tile whoes animation number is set to 1

Create a new object on a Tile whoes variable is a certain number

You understand what I mean?

Thanks, this might work for me.
But the issue is that I have multiple tiles. I have the same tile object copied multiple times for my game. So coding it to spawn at the tile object wont work because the engine wont know which specific tiles im refering to. I want to avoid creating multiple tile sprites for each of the 40 tiles I have. The tiles are also different shapes but i used different animations for 1 tile sprite to make them look different.

Yes it will. The condition “The number of the animation of obejct1 = 1” will filter the list of object1 objects to only those that meet the condition. The subevents only work with that subset of object1 objects, not all of them.

I will try that soon.
Thank you for your help :+1: