How to Custom GDevelop

Hi guys! I have a big problem! I want to create and edit some events,how can i do that? There is any chance about insert HTML code instead JS code? because some tags (example img src,div id) don’t work and I don’t know how can I insert any JS library for expand the program (for example even a Phaser library)… I want (and must) use real code in my game and demonstrate myself and the commission of my exam which I can customize my game with all I want using this program. And also I note a forget thing: with mouse I can’t only tap,but only hold for make true the condition,so for example I want to create a block which allows me to only tap (ex. a sprite) for make true the condition. How can I do? thanks for your time,

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To add HTML code to the index.html of your game, you can edit the index.html located in JsPlatform/Runtime (/!\ It will change every game using the web platform) or the index.html of your final game (but be careful when you rebuild your game as the previous index.html might be erased).

Hi dear! I understand!

…and what about modify and create events for my games?

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What do you mean exactlyby “creating events” ?

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for example if I want to make a create an event for create arrays or matrix (On “Variables”) how can I do that? and If I want to make extensions how can I do? or simply modify existing events?

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You can already use variables like structures :
If you want to create events, everything is there : … index.html don’t work :frowning: have the JsPlatform a Cmakelists.txt ? thanks!

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You need to build the whole software, not only JsPlatform.

I don’t understand…sorry…:frowning: How can I do? if I do a research for GDevelop I found anything! :frowning:

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You have to download the sources and compile it, following the instructions:
The compilation process may take some time (several minutes) the first time, after that, modifying it and recompile is faster. Assuming you know some programming, maybe you can speed up the compile time to just some seconds, working a bit with the CMake options :slight_smile:

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Now I understand what I want.

I need to modify create extensions.
I downloaded the GD Master and CMake.
Why I must use CMake? How can he do?
Which CMakelists.txt I must modify for sign my extension?

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Please, read the instructions:

CMake helps you to build large projects without have to write what to compile, where to compile, how to compile, everytime you want to recompile the project (GD here) :wink:

After downloading/compiled required dependencies (install TDM-GCC in Windows, download some libraries on Linux, etc.) launch CMake, again, following the instructions. After compiling GD, you can start reading “Write a new extension”, a tutorial around the docs page :slight_smile:

why do you want to compile it anyways? There are packages made for most platforms already

Seems that needs to customize GD (add extensions, objects, automatisms, events, expressions) for some kind of exam :slight_smile:

I explain all.

I want to be a game developer and my default platform will be Javascript.

I have the state exam in Italy and, as a thesis, make a game from scratch.

I want to make game fastly,but I want to be a programmer so I don’t have any fear about dirty my hands.

I use visual engine since many years,but i want to use something different,like GDevelop(which seems my solution).

It’s free,I can use many times my JS code as block and put easily and fastly in my game. Perfect!

In the past I used Phaser,but it isn’t complete as GDevelop,even it is good.

So if I can modify GDevelop, I can make game from scratch and demonstrate it.

I hope I say all!

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