How to disable the "space" key for Jump

Hello, I’m making a platform game, and I used the defaut controls for platform character. But I do not want to use the “Space” button on the keypad to jump, I managed to set the jump on another key. However, no matter what I do, the character continues jumping when the key is pressed. Is there any way to disable only this key by keeping other defaut controls? I tried to use the “Ignore defaut controls” command, but still the character continues to jump.

Can someone help me?

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Try it this way instead (uncheck the box) :


I’ve just given it a shot in a test project, and the action "Ignore default controls..." does work. Have you got the command in the wrong place?


There really was an error in the “Ignore default controls” command, so it wasn’t working before, now it’s 100% OK!!!

Thank you one more time!