How to do that?

How can i have multiplayer for my game? because i want my game to be very fun, player vs player is probably more fun than player vs computer or bot. And also just out of curiosity how do other games have pay options,like in most games in google play store they have payment options where you can buy premium stuff at the cost of real money,is that possible to do also in GDevelop?(not planning on doing it on my game cause i don’t even have a credit card :laughing:)

Look Louie, GDevelop is a great game engine and game creation suite but that don’t means you will make a huge, perfect and amazing game in your first attempt.

What I’m trying to say is you’re flying too high right now.

I read another of your posts where you begins asking what kind of software use to make sprites (an user responds to you talking about tweening, an animation technic) and finish asking to other user what kind of game you have to do. So, I think you need to reorder your priorities, in first place, try to make a simple game, one that works and then you can add features and make it bigger, greater, cooler. Even in such an easy way to program events on a system like Gdevelop, you need to be sure about what do you want to do before start. It’s not important if your sprites are stick figures if the game is functional, once the game works, you can replace the temporary sprites for shinny, beautiful crafted and definitive new ones. Work in this order: program (if you need some sprites, take’em from the web or draw some crappy (sketchy) ones), graphics and sound.

[b]Now, your questions and my answer:

  1. To make a multiplayer game you need to have a dedicated server (server program) working 24/365 for the current instances of your game (client program) around the world. Or you can make a game that can communicate with other instances of itself in a network or via IP (but that’s just for a P2P gameplay, not a real multiplayer), in any case to achieve this last option, there are some native functions embedded in GD, and some examples on how to use it included with GD.

  2. About the payment system… yes, it’s possible; in almost any kind of game you develope in any programming language or IDE. But there isn’t a native extension in GDevelop to implement this. To be honest, implement something like that implies a HUGE effort on programming an extension (maybe in C#) that communicates with a third party API, and believe me you don’t want… you don’t even need to care about that before you have completed your game.

I’m sure you can, with some pratice, make a incredible amazing game. My advice is to explore this game engine, starting with a simple game. Try to make a tic-tac-toe game, it’s a simple gameplay, you only need very few sprites for your UI and if you want the user to be able to play against the program, it’s a very basic point to explore IA programming. Making a tic-tac-toe game is an easy tour on what do you need to understand to make more complex games.

And to finish, users will be more receptive and responsive to your questions if you change two simples things:

  1. Choose more descriptive titles for your post. Using this post as an example, is better to say “How to implement multiplayer and item selling options” or even just “Multiplayer, how?”, instead of “How to do that?”.

  2. Remember, this program comes with a lot of examples on how to do a lot of stuff, so before asking in the forums, study the examples, after that be sure your answer has not be solved in another thread. Make some research and try to understand by yourself, and if you still need help, then make the right question here in the forums. If you make some research, you’ll be able to make better questions, and with better questions will come better answers.

Good luck.

Thx dude,your answer is very descriptive and helpful,i’ll start with a simpler game before i try to create a big game :slight_smile: