How to do wallslide/walljump with platformer automatism?

Can you help me figuring it out?

The most simple way of doing it is probably to have a sensor object that you put next to the player. If it s colliding with a wall, set a variable “CollidingWithWall” to 1 for example, 0 otherwise.
Then, if the player is in the air (There is a condition for this) and colliding with a wall, and pressing the key for jumping, you can trigger the action allowing to jump again, and simulate another key press on the jump key (and eventually on the right/left key for a few second to simulate the bounce on the wall).

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Thank you! Is there action for changing falling speed (to implement wallslide which should be slower than normal falling)?

Yes, you can tweak the falling speed with the appropriate action. Changes are immediate so you can modify it when there is a collision with a wall and then set it back to the original value when the player is on the ground or not touching anymore a wall :slight_smile:

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hi could you show an example i’m a bit lost please

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