How to emit action for every collision separately?

HI! In my case, there can be several collisions with Idol and Platform objects. I want to create IdolLight next to each Idol. How can I emit action for each collision or maybe another way to do this?

Collision is checked only when the user presses the button.


After the collision check, add a Repeat for each Idol (click on the Add event text) and make it a sub-event of the collision check event. This will iterate over each Idol object that has collided with a Platform object, allowing you to add a IdolLight object to each one individually.

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Thank you! It works now =) Actually, I tried to find something like forEach but I didn’t. If someone meets the same issue I want to add that “repeat for each object” can be added from the top-right “Choose and add event” button.

UPD: Also I finally found where I can write JS in gdevelop. (I started gdevelop cos I found it by “js game engine” in google) HEHE =)