How to find and modify a specific sprite with variables id ?

I am trying to change the animation of a specific sprite out of many cloned sprites from a single object. I have given each one of them variable id values in Properties.

This is how i tried to do it but it is not working.

No, just filter the object through conditions, with this event:

Conditions: Variable ID of Brick is = 2 Actions: Do = 1 to the animation of Brick
The event’s condition will filter all the Brick objects, only the Bricks that met the condition will be “afected” by the next event actions. As every Brick has a different ID variable, the action will be run over only one Brick (the one with ID = 2) :wink:

But if condition for that action is : Conditions: Variable ID of Brick is = 1 , how do action to change the animation of brick2 ?
Sorry for my english xD

What would be the point of putting a “The variable ID of xxxx is = 1” to do actions on the brick with ID = 2 ?

IDK, i don’t have exemple now but it’s possible.
I will see this, when i gonna do “AI” on my game i think.

It’s solved now with Lizard-13’s solution. Thanks a lot. :smiley:

You can add actions to that condition and those actions only apply to those to those condition applies.

I was not aware that a condition like Lizard-13 pointed out existed and can be used like that.