How to get started with MQTT?

Hi guys!
I need to connect to a positioning system (UWB) called Pozyx. They use MQTT to communicate with clients. I have no idea where to get started. Is there a tutorial that shows how to work with the MQTT extension in GDevelop? I have read the short documentation but I would like to see an example of how it works. Preferably some kind of tutorial. Any suggestions where to start? I know how to do simple games in GDevelop but I know nothing about JS, Python and web development. I really need to make this working.



Here’s to get you started, I found this in another topic:

Good luck!

Thanks Gruk,
I have read all the threads a few times and the short documentation but I can’t find any information about ”settings as JASON” and how to actually connect to a server that isn’t anonymous. I need to connect to a server that requires username and password. When I copy a solution from the forum I get an error:

Also when inspecting the MQTT extension there seems to be a bunch of functions with code that don’t make much sense to me. Is there a way to pay for advanced support?



There is no such official product as far as I am aware, but I provide private GDevelop support to my ko-fi supporters:

That’s really good news! I’ll look into that asap.



Hi @Farre, I think if you are starting with the MQTT topic in general, I would start with learning how MQTT connection is enabled and how MQTT publish and subscribe works. Btw, it’s been a long time since your reply. Have you managed to solve that issue successfully? I really hope you have. You can look for more info here if you’re still experiencing the same difficulties with connecting to a positioning system. I hope I’ve helped you. Anyway, please, keep us updated on your issue, Farre.

Hi @StellaGallagher,
Actually I have solved this and I have the stuff running. But thanks anyway :slight_smile: