How to inform GDevelop Community

I have contributed to the GDevelop Website by giving a new language translation (Language: Hindi). But I don’t know how to imform/tell the GDevelop Community that the new translation has been updated in Crowdin Website or Do I even need to imform about it.

Everyone can see the status of translations on Crowdin :slightly_smiling_face:
Once the translations have been approved by someone else, they will be included in the following update. :+1:
Thanks for contributing :wink:

But I have given translations to the GDevelop Website and it should have been updated till now.:thinking:

We try to get someone else to approve the translations before we use them.
As you can see, the translations for Hindi have not been approved yet.

If much time passes and nobody approves them, they will probably be included in a future update. :slight_smile: