How to link and run a block of events ? - [SOLVED]

Like Go To function. Or should i copy the whole block of events to there too ?

I have found Links and External Events as a solution. Is it the recommended method ?

Also how do i target the specific line of event that are sub events ? What needs to be entered here to run for instance, Event 2 - Sub-Event 4 to Sub-Event 7 ?

Yes, it is :slight_smile:
Also, get ready for a change, since in the new GD version (should be released this week), the link event will link against “groups” instead “from event x to y”, the last one was difficult to maintain: if you would modify an external event adding or removing events, you should update every link event in function of the changes made too :neutral_face:

I don’t think it can run sub events. Also if you use line numbers it would make debug hard later because you have to read the code first. So if I were you I would use a whole external event for a single function.

Just make your shared code an external event, and link to it.

Something like :

condition a:
link to RouteA

condition b:
link to RouteB

Ha, Ninja’d by you.

That’s great news. Looking forward to the new version. :unamused:

This was what i was mainly looking for. Thanks a lot. The tips were awesome too. :mrgreen: