How to link scores between scenes

Hi guys !
I’m busy creating a platformer game but I am struggling to link the scores between the stages. How do I link the score of the previous stage with the next one ? Please guys I would really appreciate the help.

Hey !

It’s really simple, where do you store your score ? i guess in a variable ? The only variable type wich allow you to store some data between scene is the global variable type.

Here it’s explicated exactly as you your formuled it on the wiki :

If you need more about variable uses :

I hope this will help !

Thanks for the help I really appreciate it. :smiley:


First of all ive been working on a game that has multiple stages.
Ive used this tutorial on youtube:

of course my conditions of the changing the score is different. However, most of what was done in this tutorial Ive used.
Ive tried looking at the wiki pages listed on here but Im having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around the things listed in them. Currently, my scene initial variable is named: PlayerScore, and my Global Variable is named OverallScore. How can I link these scores with these conditions?